Meet Dr. Brass

A highly regarded, board-certified, Westchester-based psychiatrist, Dr. Tara Brass has worked in both clinical settings and private practice. Read why she created The FitMD program.

What was your inspiration for The FitMD program?

As a psychiatrist I clearly see the mind-body connection as it relates to one’s mental health. Many people are dissatisfied with their body, regardless of their physique or fitness level, which can lead to anxiety and depression. Others may have anxiety or depression, which can cause them to neglect their fitness and their health. Even if someone goes to a gym, sees a nutritionist, and gets medical help, these three aspects of their lives are frequently disconnected from each other.

The FitMD program is a new approach I developed to address that mind-body connection and encourage patients to work towards health and fitness in conjunction with their mental health goals. By combining good nutrition, realistic fitness milestones, and psychiatric counseling, The FitMD program provides a unique, comprehensive solution simply not available anywhere else.

Who do you hope to help with The FitMD program?

I want to help people who are unhappy with the way they feel and or look and who are seeking a realistic solution that will give them control over their lives in a more complete manner.

How does your personal background relate to The FitMD program?

Like many people I also struggled at times with poor body image and lack of motivation. But, I found, with support and the right program, I could create a lifestyle that would help me maintain a continued sense of well-being in mind and body, yet was simple and doable. The FitMD program allows me to share those findings.

Where have you practiced before?

Most recently I served as the Staff Psychiatrist for Manhattanville College Counseling Center. Prior to that I was Medical Director for Columbus Park Collaborative, Manhattan’s preeminent Eating Disorder Treatment Center, and a Psychiatrist for the Renfrew Center of New York. Throughout that time I also maintained a private practice in both Manhattan and Scarsdale.

What is your role in The FitMD program?

Besides providing psychiatric counseling, nutritional coaching, and medication, if and when needed, I will also confer weekly with the personal fitness trainers to ensure each patient engaged in The FitMD program is receiving proper support and guidance at every juncture.

Dr. Brass graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Psychology. She received her M.D. from Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia then went on to complete her residency in psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan. She and her family reside in lower Westchester.